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cassette one
Cassette Tape One
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1.A.1. Tegwyn - Dance of Dreams 1.A.2. Lee Tree - La Lune 1.A.3. Willow - Loom of 13 Moons 1.A.4. Lee Tree - Rainbow 1.A.5. Rosie - Tribute to Dave and Ron Chivers 1.A.6. Dongas Tribe - From the Mother 1.A.7. Josh - The Walking Along Song 1.A.8. Fraggle - Zumir Atik (trad) 1.A.9. Quollobollox - Real Progress in 2020 1.A.10. Fraggle and Sam - Old Woman 1.A.10a. Just Jerry - CJB 1.A.11. Simon - Computer - No Future 1.A.12. Stef - A Cunning Brew 1.A.13. Space Goats - Dragons 1.A.14. Ingrid and Tegwyn - Blessed Be 1.A.15. Heathens All - Earth Chant 1.B.1. Hatty - Time 1.B.2. Busker Paul - Whisper on the Breeze 1.B.3. Laura Sky and Jo - Big Strong Woman 1.B.4. Rose - A Time to Shine 1.B.5. Feth - Eco War 1.B.6. Nicki - Eco Rap 1.B.7. Ragged Edges - Hanter Dro (trad) 1.B.8. Shannon - Change In Me 1.B.9. Tragik Roundabout and Dragon Drummers - Camel Herders 1.B.10. Steve P - The Enchantment Song 1.B.11. Gaea - Shaman Woman 1.B.12. Cellidh - Titche's Song 1.B.13. Matt - One With the Family

cassette two Cassette Tape 2 SOLD OUT - CDs available later in 2007 hopefully  
2.A.1. Flora - High On a Hill 2.A.2. Space Goats - Prophecy 2.A.3. Willow - Goatman 2.A.4. Steph - Dinner with the Dongas 2.A.5. Heather - Wind on the Tor 2.A.6. Lee Tree - Mother's Temple 2.A.7. Stella - Bluebell Polka 2.A.8. Busker Paul and Hattie - Pixies Hat 2.A.9. Ragged Edges - Laride (trad) 2.A.10.Just Jerry - Jesus was a Traveller 2.A.11. Flora and Fraggle - Blackbird 2.A.12. Tragik Roundabout - Down the Road 2.A.13. Stephen (Medeema MC) - Flushed into the Flow 2.A.14. Tegwyn - For You 2.B.1. Feth - Rant 2.B.2. Lee Tree - Mr Major 2.B.3. Rosie - Heal the Earth 2.B.4. Selena - Celebrate 2.B.5. Juno - Live, Work, Consume, Die 2.B.6. Feth - Who's that Girl 2.B.7. Heathens All - We are One 2.B.8a Doris Dancers - Gondundon 2.B.8b Doris Dancers - Horas de la Risipiti (trad) 2.B.9. Howie - Dogbury Didge 2.B.10. Selena - Rising Full Moon 2.B.11. Lee Tree - Solsbury 2.B.12. Cellidh - Impressions of Fairmile 2.B.13. Gaeae - Peace Be 2.B.14. Laura - Searching Song 2.B.15. Busker Paul - Wave me Goodbye 2.B.16. Gaea, Chrissy and Amber - Gaea's Chant

CD3a CD 3a   £ 7.00 
3.A.1 Alex Extracts battle of Dongas 3.A.2 Richard & Ceilidh Pen-y-fen 3.A.3 Worshipping The Temple 3.A.4 Gaea Walk the Earth 3.A.5 Josh Freedom Trail 3.A.6 Selena & Josh Tan Hill Fayre (later on tape??) 3.A.7 Dongas Farley Mount 3.A.8 Stevie P.(with Heathens small) Song of the Rising Heart 3.A.9 Romila Growing Pains 3.A.10 Gaea Changes in me 3.A.11 Jeff & Alison Bourée 3.A.12 Earthlings Altered States 3.A.13 Chris Troth, Tim & Jim + Ian's Poem Eternal Sunset 3.A.14 Maya The River 3.A.15 Jenny & Laura Winds Of Creation

CD3b CD 3b   £ 7.00 

3.B.1 Josh Children of this Tree 3.B.2 Theo and Shannon I will never rest 3.B.3 Alex Roots 3.B.4 Dongas Resugga 3.B.5 Posse Morning Dew + Coolies Reel 3.B.6 Jeff & Phil 3.B.7 François Raag 3.B.8 Kerry Things keep changing 3.B.9 Mark The Ballad of Sebastian + Oak 3.B.10 Laura Sky Moon Magic 3.B.11 Tegwyn She's Bright Tonight 3.B.12 Jim Simple Song

CD4a CD 4a   £ 7.00 
4.A.1 Willow Poem 4.A.2 Frazer Seeds 4.A.3 Olivia Sellar 4.A.4 Ingrid, Gaea & Laura Goddess is One (written by Sarah) 4.A.5 Fergus Fools Hornpipe? 4.A.6 Earthlings Fungusamongus 4.A.7 Little Green Men Strange Family 4.A.8 The Family Rise up with the Sun 4.A.9 Maryjane God Song 4.A.10 Fraggle Camel Waltz 4.A.11 Kate Blue Green 4.A.12 Selena Goddess of Land and Sea

CD4b CD 4b   £ 7.00 
4.B.1 Fréa Why? 4.B.2 Little Green Men CCTV 4.B.3 Rose Stand Firm 4.B.4 Tim The End of Words 4.B.5 Dongas Les Aiguilles 4.B.6 Dongas Magic Circles 4.B.7 Daffyd Chant 4.B.8 Viv Wearyall Hill 4.B.9 Johnny H. song 4.B.10 Panda, Tim & Gaea The Seal Fishers Song 4.B.11 Stella Caged Bird 4.B.12 Celidh Hereafter the End 4.B.13 Matt & Inge Song for Isun 4.B.14 Poem and Laura Sky White Isle of Albion 4.B.15 All om

CD5 CD 5   £ 7.00 
CDTV5.1 sarah-sea [3.11] by Sarah Curtis CDTV5.2 pok-johnny [3.20] by Pok CDTV5.3 daffyd-three [07.03] by Daffyd with Craig CDTV5.4 pagana-mother [4.02] by Tu and Sally CDTV5.5b altered-heart [??] Heart Belly Child by Altered Native CDTV5.6 wander [13.17] Wander (stereo) CDTV5.7 chrissy-natures-calling [4.13] Chrissy CDTV5.8 drumstwo [07:57] Two Drummers ( who???) CDTV5.9 george-repetitive-squeaks [03.14] CDTV5.10 rory-giant-shoulders [04.52] Invisible Band CDTV5.11 Mel Two mel-two [03:00] plus... Computer Data on Track Zero - lyrics, pictures and more...

CD5 CD 6
... recorded at Synergy in January 2006, coming soon...

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London UK

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