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Tribal Voices cassetteTape 4 -
The Gathering (2)

'The Gathering' - the new double album tape has been mixed.
The Tribal Voices Recording Camp was held in September 1997 at Coombe Farm in Devon. It was a great success; we managed to accommodate, feed and record over 150 artists over the 10 days.
60 tracks of music were recorded in the studio, and 9 hours of music were recorded around the camp.

CDs CDs are being made of sides A and B of this cassette for summer 2005...

Tribal Voices Tape 4- Contents



Tribal Voices Tape 4

Tape 4 Side A
Cassette Tape 4 - A Side
= CDTV04A CD 4a

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Tribal Voices Tape 4

Side A

4.A.1 Willow - Poem (c)

Poets, dream weavers, believers,
Holding beauty bestow gifts impossible to avoid
Because they're yours
Like raindrops to the sea
There is no difference
how can there  be
if we are all one, 
like teardrops sad at separation from the whole
Yet knowing this is the way it is, now
All can change, all must change, 
all will change, it's the way
So when you look at the stars remember, 
remember the beginning if you can,
And anyway its the only way anything is ever created,
So that's who we are, stars,
Shining still, yet broken like sand, countless parts,
Each itself, perfect.

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4.A.2 Frazer - Seeds (c)

tv04seeds.rm 45k
Here I stand on planet earth, 
my home among the stars
Hers is the womb that gave me birth,
Her child is what we are
All lives are lived on her ancient face 
as she dances in the void
Timeless the song she sings 
in this silent place of life to be enjoyed
All life that forms from her 
adds something to her song
Every being has a part, 
But the harmony has gone
How quietly our mother 
waits for her child to come of age
Open up all gateless gates 
your mind is not a cage

Hurry all you people, 
your love is what she needs
You know you are her favourite child, 
the most precious of her seeds

Hurry all you people, 
your love is what she needs
You know you are her favourite child, 
the most precious of her seeds

with great inspiration and words by
Buster Nolan Braintree, Talking Trees.

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4.A.3 Olivia - Sellar  (c)1997.

I used to live in an ancient oak, 
she would embrace me every night
Sing me songs, telling me the secret of the wood
I would sing the secrets back 
climbing to the highest branches
and it was the same song the moon
The same song the stream underneath danced it flow

People came to cut the trees   
to dig an open wound, an open cast mine
The oak was screaming her pain, 
and I was screaming it back to the people
Felt my own arms being chainsawed 
as every branch was cut around me

After many moons one night
I went back and sat on the stump of oak
with hundreds of shoots
reflecting the full moon
I was filled with the life and love
With the peaceful sound of the universe

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4.A.4 Ingrid , Gaea & Laura - Goddess is One (written by Sarah)  (c)1997.

There is one God, Goddess is one
One single earth, one moon, one sun
One thousand names all mean the same
Infinite names to say the same
Spiral up, four pointed cross
Sacred circles meaning lost
Not lost but found, inside the sound
Inside the sound we flow around
We feel it all, it is so far, so close, so small
It is inside, the only truth, 
wisdom of age in a sense of youth
It is inside, the holy light,
The spirit ?? the secret ??
Deep deep within, the most sacred one,
One single earth, one moon, one sun.

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4.A.5 Fergus - Fool's Hornpipe (c)1997.

Details here soon

Jim, Fergus, Badger, Stevie P, Paul Gill
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4.A.6 Earthlings - Fungusamongus - written by Jim  (c)1997.

Badger, Mandy, Jim, Jez, Jack, David, Richard (Heathens) Jonno, Jiminy

We go to the land where
The nine hills stand
And give our thanks to the Earth
To meet with our extra terrestrial friends

Witness their yearly birth
Our travelling temples rove across the land
The vegetable hour is nigh
The flesh of the gods, it rises
From the Earth, prophesies us
Into the sky, high!

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4.A.7 Little Green Men - Strange Family (c)1997.

Jes, Mark, Nigel, Andy, Chrissy, Ruth, George, Frazer

This is our home, these are our stones, 
this is where we learn, where the fire burns,
strange family, strange family
this is our home
this is our earth, these are our clouds
... to where we are, reaching out so far

I'm the highest man for miles and miles and miles around
And you will be queen of earth - I'm making you a flower crown
The alchemical castle, kids and sun,
These things are one, make love and run

This is our home, these are our stones
This is where we lie, where the fire burns
This is our door, these are our keys,
this is our world, these are our trees
Strange family, strange family

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4.A.8 The Family - Rise up with the Sun (c)1997.

Jonno: Teg, Richard?, Stevie P,Shannon, Paul, Theo, Maya, Matt, Jom, Fraggle, Steph

Sun comes, so let it rain....

We hear the buzzard call, 
and we see the stag standing tall
Well as the ?? springs and the owls ?? spread their wings
And its into the silence we fall

Will we taste the sweet honey next year
Will the beaver .. the bear ...
Will we dance with the wolves as they sing to the moon
Or have we forgotten their tune?

So let us be with the birds and the bee, and run with ...

So hunter man drop your gun
Let your fear and your chains be undone
Our wisdom employ for freedom and joy
When we rise up with the sun.

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4.A.9 Maryjane - God Song  (c)1997.

Maryjane, Frazer, Maya, Tim, George, Jim, Stef
tv04godsong.rm 66k

I was walking one day when someone took my hand (She said)
I've been watching you and I see you understand (she said)
What makes the patterns of life and I want to see you now
Put those patterns into action and be part of earth's show

What on earth do you mean I said
What on earth do you mean I cried
Then I relaxed back into myself
And found the patterns flowing inside
Be yourself she said, be yourself

So I left my home and arrived at myself
And what I found there I just want to tell someone else
Strange discoveries - Spiral Woman

So anytime now when I'm feeling a bit weak
I remember God now in my times of need
Spiral Woman - you're one with me now

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4.A.10 Fraggle - Camel Waltz  (c)1997.


Fraggle, Ruth, Lisa, Kell, Joe

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4.A.11 Kate - Spiral (c)1997.

 from the green of the hillside,
to the lowest of caves
my voice goes out to you

from the trees in the forest
to the blue - green of the waves
my heart goes out to you

though our paths may differ,
the spiral leads us through
though our paths may differ,
my heart will be with you

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4.A.12 Selena - Goddess of Land and Sea (c)1997.

(Written in Brittany and Cornwall whilst looking out at the sea)

Goddess of land and sea
Waken your fire in me

A wandering wild child am I
Daughter of Earth and sky

A free spirit, I refuse to be tamed
By those who would have me in chains

I'm breaking free from material things
I know we all have wings

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Side B

4.B.1 Fréa - Why?  (c)1997.

tv04why.rm 15k
Sitting in the earth, earth hugged me, asked me why
And I simply looked at Earth with my eyes, and earth cried tears...

As hammers hit and cruel kangos left us cowering
They came to take us away
And as the man sawed away ??? from the
I asked him why and he said
"Because I Believe in the democratic process"
But he could not look me in the eye

They ripped me from the earth
Above earth was scarred, Trollheim lay trashed,
And apocalypse beyond even Hollywood

As they led me away from the scene of their crimes 
I asked one of them Why?
"Because I Bellevue in justice

Now moons have moved on, and chance to many in you
Diggers dig ....  as men in suits profit
And earth is torn up in the name of progress
And taxes are paid

As my belly swells I sit in the earth wondering
What will I say whn my child asks why

All I know is I will look my baby in the eye

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4.B.2 Little Green Men - CCTV (c)1997.

Jes, Mark, Nigel, Andy, Chrissy, Ruth, George, Frazer
tv04cctv.rm 51k

Big Brother we're watching you
Cameras take it from the
Surveillance day and night - we breathe
Focussing on the proles

Sit down shut up never use the right brand 
get a little out of hand
Show us where you really stand

Love me, stay free, 
what do you think they want to see on CCTV
Aint got no privacy, 
what do you think they want to see
We've got time to analyse the clues
who's the finger pointing to?

Watching us, we're watching you!

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4.B.3 Rose - Stand Firm (c)1997.

Fly high, little bird, fly high
Don't come down to earth or you will die
The fields are all concrete, the trees have all gone
Fly high, little bird, fly high.

Swim deep, little fish, swim deep
The waves are of oil, the beaches of tar
Swim deep, little fish, swim deep

But what about the little child that cannot swim or fly
What can they do, must they only ...
Shout loud, little child, shout loud,
Dont let them continue, you're right as you dig tunnels

Stand firm, you who love Her, stand firm,
Open all eyes may learn that the trees are our future

Stand firm, the tide is turning, stand firm.

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4.B.4 Tim - The End of Words (c)1997.

Tim, Jim, Ruth, Mary Jane
tv04the-hunter.rm 148k

This emotion is too confused
I've got to get it sorted, check it out, shit what am i saying fix my head the right way out now,
How can i explain, if you've never felt it like this,
Take my hand, this could be our last chance

For i am the Hunter
Gaze on my form
Deep in the forest is the fire that will keep us warm
Between the fireside and the candle flame
There is a land that has no name

For this is not madness, this is a beautiful wildness
Allow us a space for the beautiful forest to grow
For this kind of happiness can never be explained,
And i don't believe that i understand anything else

Fire of Seed
Hope of flame
The home of the simple
And the end of the Game

The ending of strife
The stockings of Ceridwen
The memory of reason
And its communication...
Freedom if you want it...NOW!

You know i'd refuse to understand anything else

For i am the Hunter...&c

...And i don't believe i ever understood a word
And i don't believe that i understand any thing else

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4.B.5 Dongas - Les Aiguilles (c)1997.

Dongas: Lisa, Howie, Fraggle, Selena, Ruth, Kel, Steff, Jonno, Jim, Johnny, Jim, Johnny, Alex, Colin, Sarah

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4.B.6 Dongas - Magic Circles - by Alex (c)1997.


Magic Circle swirling round
And so the seasons move again
Ever changing, never ending
As the year comes round again

Winter sun & flowers in springtime
Summer sun and autumn rain
The ancient dance that moves within us
As we watch the seasons change


Holly King in deep of winter
Corn god cut down with the grain
Bright young goddess of the springtime
Is the dark witch of Samhain


Herne the Hunter of the wildwood
Greets the white queen of the may
So the seasons dance their patterns
Oak & willow, Night and Day.


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4.B.7 Daffyd - Chant

Details here soon
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4.B.8 Viv - Wearyall Hill (c)1997.

Viviana Nomad, Rosie, Mary Jane, Kate, Alex

On a cold and frosty night, I climbed up Wearyall Hill
On a cold and frosty night, when all the earth was still
And the moon rose high up in the sky
And down below the levels were dry

On a warm and sunny day, I climbed up Wearyall Hill

On a warm and sunny day, when all the air was still
And the sun rose high up in the sky

And there was me and the old oak t5ree
The sacred grove and the horses three

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4.B.9 Johnny H. -  (c)1997.

tv02john-song.rm 75k belongs on tape4!
(we gotta be european these days...)

Chart it out on a different course, no particular port ahead
I've got a lot of conflicting messages roaring inside my head
Go cos I go two tack forward and one tack back, 
and another one in between,
Because the storms and doldrums up ahead life is what it seems
Got to be another way to live this life, a way that's good, forgive,
No confusion, far less doubt, breathe it in and blow it out
The elements to guide our way on a journey is divine
Sing the song get fit
It's all yours and it's all mine
Cos on a planet of plenty it is elementary
There is more than enough for everyone
That's if we
If we go far less without distress
There's a profit in not taking too much
Give the body a chance
Living life with a sensual touch
And to not feel afraid, and the children safe everywhere
Give women back the night, this wondrous land too good not to share
Cos we're strolling along
We're gonna sing the song, get fit, feel strong,
This world it is yours and it is mine

It goes biddy biddy bum bim bim bang bang

Let's be having a good time,
Cos the bad time's not much fun,
All the confusion, there's no illusion
Have fun with everyone

Floating along in the rhythm of life with the planets so divine

Sing the song, get fit, breathe strong...

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4.B.10 Panda , Tim & Gaea - The Seal Fisher's Song ? (c)1997.

Details here soon
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4.B.11 Stella - Caged Bird (c)1997.

tv04caged-bird.rm 49k
Every ear that can hear has heard the silence of the caged bird
Every eye that can see can see the sadness of the caged bird
For its beauty was jailed 
for to listen to the beauty of its singing of its wild call

now we can hear all too nothing save the pecking of its beak
and a caged door

Go fly, while the door is open,
Go fly, while your heart is still beating,
Go fly, while your wings can still open, go fly, the wind is rising

Every heart that has bled has felt the passion of the caged bird
Every eye that has cried has cried the tears of the caged bird
For its beauty was jailed for to listen to its singing of its wild call
But now we can hear all but nothing
Save the beauty of its heart in  a cage in the bight
A wing that cannot spread, aching for flight,
An eye that cannot see, further than the wall,
What murderers are we as we smile at its den
In your death you can fly - your spirit it is freed
Beond the door of your cage, heaven surrounds you
Heaven surrounds you, your wings, in the wind

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4.B.12 Celidh - Hereafter  (c)1997.

Details here soon
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4.B.13 Matt & Inge - Song for Isun (c)1997.

Details here soon
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4.B.14 Laura Sky - White Isle of Albion (c)1997.

Johno, Howie, Steff, Lisa, Lisa, Laura, Selena

White isle of Albion
Shine your light
White isle of Albion
Your beacon's burning bright

Spirit of Albion
Shining like the stars
Open to the sky
It's dark deep and vast

Waters of Albion
Rolling her seas
Mirrors to the light
Her rivers running free

White Queen of Albion
Dancing through the trees
Shine lady moonshine
Your light will bring us peace
This night will bring us

There shall be time
There shall be time
To bring the change around
With the gathered Earth folk, rise
And dance upon the ground

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4.B.15 Om

tv04om.rm 51k
Details here soon
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All songs and words are copyright of their authors

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