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Tribal Voices cassette Tape 3
(A and B sides)
- The Gathering (1)

'The Gathering' - the new double album tape has been mixed.
The Tribal Voices Recording Camp was held in September 1997 at Coombe Farm in Devon. It was a great success; we managed to accommodate, feed and record over 150 artists over the 10 days.
60 tracks of music were recorded in the studio, and 9 hours of music were recorded around the camp.

CDs CDs are being made of sides A and B of this cassette for summer 2005...

Tribal Voices Tape 3 - Contents

Cassette Tape 3 - A Side

Tape 3 Side One lyrics and details

Side A

3.A.1 Alex - Extracts battle of Dongas (c)1997.

tv03battle-of-dongas.rm 39k

Crops  grew ripe
The tribe grew strong
Fires were lit
Beacons blazed bright
Many dancers danced
Many chants were chanted
Many songs were sung
Many pipes were piped

Merry were the tribe
They cared for each other
Strong in their spirits
These sisters and brothers
Vows they made at times of feasting
To guard the land against the strange ones
To stand fast and to fearlessly face
Those monsters from an alien race

Thus they vowed by wood and water
By air and fire and things of power
And the dragon danced to the sound of their laughter

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3.A.2 Richard & Ceilidh - Pen-y-fen (c)1997.

I was walking upon a mountain one day
When I felt the sound
It formed my eye deep inside from the sky
Into the ground

At the top there was a crowd of people
with the same look in their eye
I know we all recognised that feeling from
~ another place another time

(musical bit - dooby dooby doo dooby dooby doo dooby dooby doo dum)

I am a whale
far out to sea
I sing a poem of harmony

I am the wind
gentle and strong
I live forever
never the same
never the same

Life is very different in space
Sunlight is our water there
Fill up your bodies with light
As we learn to fly
~ we are changing

It was always meant to be
that we would wake up to our truth
~ then we'd share it with our hearts and minds
on the Earth our temple
~ Temple

I love the Earth for I am a tree
I love the spirit of you and me
~ ~ ~ this sets us free
The Earth is a temple

Dear Tribal Voices,
       greetings hope all is well - have a good pilton if you go, I shall be somewhere else peaceful and green ~ hopefully Canada working on an organic farm!
Can't wait for t-voices to come out - promises to be a good one
~ see you at some point in the year again
   love Richard
PS here are the words for my song - hope you like them!
I ought to add that this song speaks of the profound recognition of all life as one and the whale (as the creature which keeps all earthly knowledge in her songs) is describing this planet in communication with other galactic bodies
~ Mountains are beacons eminating consciousness to the lower earthly levels
~ Trees ~ well need I say more
love and cake

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3.A.3 ???? - worship in the temple (c)1997.

There we are worship in the temple There we are worship Mother Earth wee!

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3.A.4 Gaea - Walk the Earth (c)1997.

I went down to a forest
And I sat under a tree
A wise old man came
From the Earth
and this is what 
He said to me.

He said I have been to the sacred well
Mother Earth has a story to tell
She said you humans are relentless.
Never ceasing to challenge
The Earth,
If you do not renounce your ways,
The Earthworm upon you
Will put a curse

She said walk the Earth,
She said feel the Earth,
She said feel its heart beating
She said feel it breathe.

She said your earth is alive
She said your earth is alive
He said she said he said
he said she said.

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3.A.5 Josh - Freedom Trail (c)1997.

We are vogagers on many planes
dancing vivid into fresh dimensions
wandering minstels athletes adventurers
shamanic talkers, late night philosphers
holding on lightly the passing dreams
opeing up to new ways of being
growing together in times of great learning
voicing ideas that seem quite silly
letting great silliness into our loves
laughing out loudly at cosmic jokes
giggling like school kids about sex and shitting
playing wisecrack games with words
serving out insults like tennis balls bouncing
treading the ground in frost and in snow
baring our skins to the high summer sun
watching the ebb flow of the moon
falling asleep with our eyes on the stars
singing our songs to the red embered fire
giving our love to the old round earth
stepping our way through assorted landscapes
mapping the ground with our feet as we move
lifting the spirits of ancient pathways
drawing lost memories back into life
calling a whole new world into form
waltzing with strangers on  small town high streets
gathering tearful on windy hill tops
learning to live without leaders  or policemen	
glimpsing eternity in passing beauty
grinning with joy at everyday living
helping each other to heal past hurtings
feeling the shape of our long lost tribe
caught in the web of our destineis wove
rising togehther from lifetimes half sleeping
to walk on this earth
to fly with our minds
to live in our hearts
to journey together
outwordly inwardly
spinning in spirals out from sun filled cente
knitting our life threads in close patterned knot work
creating a life worth living

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3.A.6 Selena & Josh - Tan Hill Fayre  (c)1997.

Tan Hill Fair is an ancient traditional festival, held in early august, 2 miles uphill from Avebury, on the wansdyke trackway, close to where it crosses the ridgeway. Tan is the Celtic word for fire and it was first recorded by the Romans in 50 AD as Tan Fauna. This obviously meant it was to do with animals and it became an animal trading fair as well as a feast time. It died out in the 1930's as access by vehicle became difficult, but it remains in living memory. An old man in the village of All Cannings remembers eating blackberries at the fair as a youth. In the 1300's a Royal Charter declared its officiality as an established event, and theoretically guaranteed its permission forever.

The Dongas revived it in 1994 with a turnout of 60 people including many locals, and it was a great success. This song was written that year. The following year we walked to Tan Hill from Dartmoor, others walked or cycled from the Lakes, Newbury, London and other places. The turnout was 200 strong but unfortunately we suffered an inhumane eviction by Wiltshire police, despite us showing them a copy of the Royal Charter. We still managed to hold the gathering 4 miles away on a bit of trackway called 'Tan Hill Way', near Knapp Hill, which was fantastic. A few of us managed to sneak back up to Tan Hill on the last night to light the beacon fire, which was seen in all the villages below and likely further afield. Very small-scale local events carry on there now each year.


By Royal Charter - it was decreed
In the 1300's - so they sent for the mead
And plenty good morsels of hearty whole oake
All for a merry feast to make

The people they came from wide & far
Some came by bicycle, some by handcart
And their intent it was to share
Some fun and frolics at Tan Hill Fair

There were the locals, the yokels and blokes
There were the Dongas and Solsbury folks
Also the farmers and animals were there
All upon Lammas at Tan Hill Fair

The bender was hoisted, the fire was lit
The goat ate the greens and they lunched the shit pit
Woven corn dollies they blew in the air
At harvest time up at Tan Hill Fair

To be sure there was laughin' and smilin' and jokin'
There was slurping and scoffing and plenty of smoking
There was running and bundling, with never a care
At that Wiltshire festival - Tan Hill Fair

There were drums and whistles, flutes and mandolas
Mandolins, gee-tars, fiddles, maracas
The singers and dancers, and even the mare
Got down to the music at Tan Hill Fair

That Party, I'll say, was a right good revival
To show that the spirit is strong on survival
That hill had been calling the people to dare
To joyfully bring back Tan Hill Fair

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3.A.7 Dongas - Farley Mount (c)1997.

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3.A.8 Stevie P. - Song of the Rising Heart (c)1997.

tv03song-of-the-rising-heart.rm 95k

There's fire on the land
There's fire on the water
The Universe has just been born
It's time to start again

Is this the first time or the last?
I don't know

Truth is undecided
Potential is unsure
Then you start to notice
There's a twinkle in the eye of the moon

But the rising heartbeat carries
Something more than a tune

Sense slips into chaos
Chaos falls apart
The more than earth and air and water
In the rising heart


I feel my mouth is closing
I wasn't even speaking
My eyes are awaking
I must have been sleeping

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3.A.9 Romila - Growing Pains (c)1997.

When I look at the patterns i find its deceiving
ive no problems giving but shy of recieving 
i do things i know that could lead to diseases
stuffing my face cos the need to eat pleases
still i keep smoking in spite of mself
fully aware of effects on my health
but knowing and doing are not quite the same
and when i dont make it i've got me to blame
so time and again i put myself down
reducing my smiles to a firmly fixed frown
and as i try so to patch up my heart
I get up  fall down then another restart
sometimes i'm strong then the energy lapses
and only too soon good intention collapses
I struggle and struggle to get back on my feet
and when i make it it does feel sweet
sparkling and bright the world seesms much clearer
little by little my healing gets nearer
fresh air and nature and plenty of rest
relaxed and refreshed life takes on a new zest
music and laughter and good friends around 
positive vibes and good feelings abound
and when on occassions scarey feelings slip back
Inner sureties tell me im still right back on track
Iknow I can do it Ill make it OK
I know i can do it im finding my way
Sit Back get in touch connections the secret
that inner  strenth is there if you want it
Its really not hard if you just can let go
and trust in the universe its lessons to show
Life is a journey for learning and growing
and for the future new seeds i am sowing

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3.A.10 Gaea - Changes in me (c)1997.

tv03never-ending-spirals.rm 25k Gaea, Maryjane, Christina, Maya, Chrissy, Richard, Tor


Changes in me
Forever altering reality
Once felt in me
Tainted forever
I've got to break free

Lost love in time and space
All for want of a different place
Lost love in me
Gone forever
I've got to break free
I try to break free

Never ending cycle
Spiral in and out again
Never ending spirit
That weaves its way through life's terrain

Once in my life
I Tried so hard to get everything right
Broke free from my childhood reins
To find myself again

Never ending cycles
Spiral in and out again
Never ending spirit
That weaves its way through life's terrain
Never ending feeling flowing through my soul
Overflowing healing that makes us one & whole

Feelings in me
There somewhere
Trying to break free
Once felt in me
Forever altering reality

Time to heal, time to feel
Time to live, time to forgive
Time to love, give thanks to above
Time to flow, give joy to below
Time to heal the Earth, time to find myself again.

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3.A.11 Jeff & Alison - Bourée  (c)1997.


Jeff, Alison, Jonno, Stef
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3.A.12 Earthlings - Altered States  (c)1997.

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3.A.13 Chris Troth, Tim & Jim + Ian's Poem - Eternal Sunset  (c)1997.

I walked across the moor,a seaward way
at the end of a long hot summers day
and toiled up old Holdstone hill
on the back of a worn byway
and at the top I sat down
on a pile of stones that is that old hills crown
and  rested my legs in which the miles of the day still echoed round
in front the sun was reaching and beseeching to my eye
behind the moor receding until a tallow sky
and there was i between them transcending man made time on high
transfixed betwitched, by that star that is all natures real cyclic rhyme
that by which we are in heaven caught
and have always been 
since the very bakers of creation ??
and shall still be  after mans unhappy reign return to nought
so there i sat without a care
amidst the ?? calm and silent air
not even the slightest breeze to ruffle Holdstone's heather hair
and the sea laid out beneath me whispered not a sound
and/un?? broken in its contrast with the sky above there bound
silver polished picture framed on one edge only by the ground
the evening sun was now hidden. veiled behind some cloud
a thick yet formless vapour, a grey and silver shroud
and so it reappeared, that orb of orange red
beneath the shroud of vapour, it showed its descending head
above the sky so endless, beneath the ocean red??
and as the sun continued down
the distant horizon lit the bloody orange crown
and then it disapppeared as a billion times before
?? the doldrum ocean washed that  wild shore
and that which had been so long and hot
was on me now no more
and then as if by magic the sky turned pinky red
the shafts of laser sunbeams from behind the horizon bled
a plasma coloured panaroma filled my dilated eye 
as the ocean my reflection caught
a stain in that self same die
and there i sat and wandered long
till the sunsets dying embers dulled
and darkness cloaked the sky

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3.A.14 Maya - The River (c)1997.

 The river that moves between the mountains
rushes strong and free giving life to all it leaves in its wake.
The women working in the fields that climb the mountainside
appear like flowers clad in pink and red amidst the swaying cool green.

This is your life, this is your dream,
Live out your life, Live out your dream
Enjoy the peace in your heart

(rpt vs 1&2)

This is your life, this is your dream,
Breathe in your peace, Live out your life
Your cup is always filled by the giver of love within

This is your life, this is your dream,
This is your choice, Love your own life
Enjoy the peace in your heart.

(rpt vs 1 only)

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3.A.15 Jenny & Laura - Winds Of Creation (c)1997.

By the very winds of creation
I am here
feeling the body of all my ancestors
bringing love to all my relations
behold creation
behold creation
behold creation

By the very winds of creation
we are here
feeling the body of all our ancestors
bringing love to all our relations
behold creation
behold creation
behold creation

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Tribal Voices Tape 3 Side B
The Gathering (3b)
= CD 3B

3.B.1 Josh - Children of this Tree  (c)1997.

tv03children-of-this-tree.rm 23k

We are the children of this tree
huddled together within its arms
hiding for shelter beneath its leaves

Our brothers and sisters sit locked up in cells
arrested and beateh for singing and shouting
outside of the jail where our friend is being held

The trees give us apples and damsons and pears
there are mushrooms to eat, there are brambles and plums
there is wood for the fire, to keep us warm

The bailiffs are ready, preparing to come
the men with the chainsaws awaiting their turn
hard hats guard diggers behind metal walls

We are the children of these woods
They have sheltered and nurtured us these four months
their great gentle power is the source of our strength

It could be tomorrow or any day soon
the death men will come with police at their side
and we will defend our home

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3.B.2 Theo And Shannon - I Will Never Rest  (c)1997.

tv03will-never-rest.rm 127k

I swear by the lake on the mountain
I swear by blood thats red
I swear on the cool midnight air
and i swear on my childs head

that I will never rest
until all oppression is ended
and I will never rest
Until all oppression is dead

I swear to the tigers and the forests
I swear to the whales and the seas
I swear on the life giving living earth
with all the passion in me

that I will never rest
until all oppression is ended
and I will never rest
Until all oppression is dead

I swear to the tribes of all nations
I swear to every race
I swear on the hope of every human heart
that I have the courage it takes

and I will never rest
until all oppression is ended
and I will never rest
Until all oppression is dead

I swear to the people with power
that I have power too
power to stand and to defend our land
with love with compassion with truth

and I will never rest
until all oppression is ended
and I will never rest
Until all oppression is dead

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3.B.3 Alex - Roots  (c)1997.

Got to get back to our roots
Start putting up some new shoots
Can't keep up this frantic pace
Genetic engineering, the human race
Only nature can create
New species, and keep a balance;
Billions of years of evolution
To form this universal dance
And in our thankless arrogance
We've started to mutate

Got to get back to our roots
Start putting up new shoots
It's time we all took stock
Before we all die of toxic shock
Too many chemicals, toxins, nitrates
What a radioactive waste
Of this unique creation
Humanity's great at exploitation

Got to get back to our roots
Start putting up new shoots
The damage done ain't superficial
Not only our intelligence is artificial
And you can't run, can't hide
Behind it TV, virtual reality
Because it's still outside
And can you feel inside your system

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3.B.4 Dongas - Resugga  (c)1997.

Donga Dance Tribe: Johno, Howie, Steff, Lisa, Lisa, Laura, Selena
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3.B.5 Posse - Morning Dew + Coolies Reel  (c)1997.

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3.B.6 Phil - (?) Où été tu? (c)1997.

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3.B.6 ???? Jeff & Phil - (?)   (c)1997.

(Instrumental) 3
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3.B.7 François - (?) Raag  (c)1997.

details here soon

Francois, Ruth, Frazer, Jack?
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3.B.8 Kerry - Things they keep changing  (c)1997.

tv03things-keep-changing 75k


When I was a young girl
I grew without fear
Now I'm a mother in my prime
Growing wise with the years.

I once loved a young man
and there's been many more
But I am yet to find the one
Who will reach to my core

And things they keep changing
Its true we all know.
The seasons turn with every breath
And the waters still flow

So I chose a life of travel
Ever seeking my path
I've found there's joy in sharing pain
Strength in tears and love when we laugh

Now my life moves in circles
Friends and places go by
There always comes a time to move on
So the spirit won't die

And things they keep changing..
I'll play this one more time with you
And then I must go

For our love it keeps growing
Ever drawing us on
We learn to live in everyday
For soon this world will be gone

Pray our souls are worth saving
Wake up and open your eyes
If humanity is still to be
Then millions must die

And things...
The summers burn the waters dry
And the winters don't snow

Who feels safe in a city?
Who can breathe by a road?
The Earth is blackened like our hearts
With our toxic overload

And the trees they are falling
They're cutting them down
We always knew this time would come
So what happens now?

Well things...
Yet it's still the sun and moon
That brings life to all things that grow

Well the world she keeps moving
She still goes around
No matter what is due to come
We're right here and now

When I was a young girl
I grew without fear
And now my children learn the ways of a life
That's been lost over years

And things they keep changing
...the seasons turn...
...the summers burn...
I'll play here one more time with you
And then I must go

Spring '97, inspired after Fairmile

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3.B.9 Mark - The Ballad of Sebastian + Oak (c)1997.

details here soon xxxx

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3.B.10 Laura Sky - Dinner Spell (Moon Magic?) (c)1997.

changing times
stirring times turn
so the merry fire burns
fill the cauldron pot anew
with a fine green magic stew
stir thrice three times widdershins
so the dinner spell begins
add more leaves, brew it up
fill from cauldron each their cup
food to feed the gathering throng
inspiration food and song

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3.B.11 Tegwin - She's Bright Tonight (c)1997.

Tegwyn, Fraggle, Chrissy, Sara, Laura, Jenny
tv03shes-bright-tonight.rm 21k

They'll be arms to soothe you
voices that hold you
Smiles to wake you in the morning
Light that wakes you in the morning
Light our lives with love in the morning
And moon
That big old yellow moon
She's bright tonight
She's bright tonight

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3.B.12 Jim - Simple Song  (c)1997.

Jim, Frazer, Tim, Ruth
tv03simple-song.rm 86k

gonna write a simple song
that says what i wanna say
the melody is clear and strong
so you can all sing and play...along

sing along goes

na na, na na, na na na.....

I could tell you
what i've learned about
love is all i've really learned about
love is all that always works
love is all
love is all... ...that's all

love's all i want from you
love is all i give you, freely
love's all i wish for all of you
love yourself completely...that's all

is that simple enough, for you
it seems simple enough to me
is love simple enough, for you
it seems simple enough to me
of course it is

love's all, that's all
love's all, that's all
its simple, of course it is!

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