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Tribal Voices News January 2000

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07 january 2000 yesterday sampled and uploaded more real audio and uploaded to the realaudio directory at phreak.
04jan2000: see Tribal Voices at dicenews

31november1999 I've uploaded some real audio sound samples, first make sure you've got 3 frames , then load tvmm.htm into the thin frame.

October1999: help needed capturing and uploading sounds and videos please, also lots of space for more poems and arts etcetera, Please contact us

11july1999: we're off to the Moonshadow eclipse Camp 1-21 August
Telephone +44 01736 788 926 FAX +44 01736 788 926 Postal address PO Box 99 Penzance TR20 8ZQ

Tribal Voices / Mandala stage was at Glastonbury
Space Goats CD SG23 is now out, see mandala for details

13may1999: Laura said she'll be a phone contact - 01404-812030
uploaded polarkin.htm - Clive and Chrissy's multimedia project webpage is a new homepage for tribal voices - easier to quote down the phone! is george's links page
There's rumours of a tape 5 being prepared, but a birth interrupted things
the musicians will be out and about this summer
new John Pendragon webpage
5January1999: videos?
13December 1998: please help (phone 07970-378-572)

Tribal Voices News 1998 by Tim

Hopefully you will have noticed our fantastic new layout. We would appreciate feedback and ideas from you

Recording News

June 1998:
'The Gathering' - the new double album tape has been mixed. We're flat out with loads of work - designing the cover - tracking down potential funding, watching videos, organising more tapes, editing audio stuff and sorting out advertising.
the Tribal Voices Recording Camp was held in September 1997 at Coombe Farm in Devon. It was a great success; we managed to accommodate, feed and record over 150 artists over the 10 days.
60 tracks of music were recorded in the studio, and 9 hours of music recorded around the camp by Chris Troth. The process was held up by the unfortunate purchase of a dodgy batch of BASF DCC tapes, a lot of time has been spent transferring the recordings onto more manageable tapes, this enabled us to have a backup, which has helped solve some of the problems with the final mixes. Release date June 1998
most of the interviews filmed at the camp need redoing. Computer editing gear could cost around 3,500 anyone got any spare cash, or know of any equipment we can use..

'The Gathering' the new double album tape has been mixed. We are in the process of designing the cover, only one artist has sent cover artwork (thank you Sophie!), if you have any artwork to contribute send it to Vicki NOW!

the Tribal Voices Recording Camp was held in September 1997 at Coombe Farm in Devon. It was a great success; we managed to accommodate, feed and record over 150 artists over the 10 days. A big thank you to all of you for your help. Those who didn't make it - Sorry you missed out on the most positive and creative camp of the year.

60 tracks of music were recorded in the studio, and 9 hours of music recorded around the camp by Chris Troth.

The process was held up by the unfortunate purchase of a dodgy batch of BASF DCC tapes, a lot of time has been spent transferring the recordings onto more manageable tapes, this will enable us to have a backup should we have further problems.

The Poster - There is a colour poster available to promote tapes 1&2, if you'd like one contact Clive & Chrissie. If anyone knows of somewhere to get laminating done cheaply contact them as well.


Dragon Village Glastonbury Festival 1998 - We have the green light for a collective alternative space - stage, workshops, food, craft stalls, slide shows, displays, crèche etc. Yip, Yip, Yip! It will be a central field in the low impact area - this means no vehicles at all.

Buddhafield Festival (15th to 19th July) and the Big Green Gathering (29th July to 2nd August) both want us to set up Tribal Voice spaces.

Laura is co-ordinating a Storytelling Lodge at the Big Green Gathering and the Buddhafield Festival this year. You're all welcome to come along and tell stories or listen to others.

check out the Earth Diaryfor more details

Tribal Visions

Tribal Visions


Max and Raven bought along their video cameras and kindly shot a lot of footage in the studio and around the camp. Also Ingrid filmed some interviews. We have around 20 hours of film so far - we would like to do more interviews over the next couple of months. We feel it is time we made our own stand in the media, and want to collect some action footage of the protest camps of the last 5 years to help tell the whole film story - please get in touch with us if you know of anyone with suitable footage.

We would like to put together a 1-hour video including music, narrative, interviews and historic documentary footage - lets tell our story our way! We are looking for funding to help us do this - any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received. If you know of anyone who doesn't want to be included in the film please let us know

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The Film The Network for Social Change gave us (Polarkin) 500 towards a video camera. Clive and Chrissie then spent 6 months applying for grants for video editing equipment, office space and running costs. Unfortunately we were turned down for being "too politically sensitive". The film project is now being put on hold while Clive and Chrissie concentrate on the Crystal Palace Campaign and other projects.



At the camp, several of us discussed the idea of combining storytelling and music into a tape and perhaps a book, for children of all ages. Anyone who has ideas for tales in whatever form - interesting sounds, bare bones of stories, words and pictures, story making techniques etc. Please bring them along to the January meet, where we could find some space to share them. If you can't make it, send them to 'Spider's Web', Gerway Farm (same address as Jonno's above).

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Performing Rights Society

Anyone who has released 3 or more songs/ music is eligible to join PRS as a lifetime member. It costs 50 to join, you register all the songs/music you've written/part written and they collect royalties on your behalf every time you perform at a large venue/festival, or your tracks are played on radio/TV. For those of you who perform regularly on large stages at Glastonbury it is well worthwhile. Several tracks on TV1 & 2 have been played regularly on Japanese Radio, through Dave Goodman's New Age Radio Show: Selena, Flora, Dongas and Feth.

Phone PRS on 0171 580 5544 to ask for an application form, applications go before a board meeting once a year and take a few months to process.

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A Co-operative Approach

Radical Routes - Vicki went to the Radical Routes Meeting at Keveral Farm in Cornwall recently. Radical Routes is the Co-Op of Co-Ops, they provide start up help to co-ops and low interest loans of up to 40,000 for workers and housing co-ops. It might be worth Tribal Voices thinking about adopting a co-operative structure, but I'm not sure how it would work. If you're interested in getting more info contact Vicki

The Tribal Voices Winter Gathering

It all happened in January at the Future Earth centre in Chingford, London. A big thank you to everyone there for making us so welcome. Not only did we have a great time catching up with everyone, but we even managed to have a couple of meetings (wondrously facilitated by Melski). Lots and lots of notes were made, which would have cost a fortune to print out in their totality, so I have synthesised them down into the mission statement on the front page of the site.

Twyford Rising Book Project

Did you protest at Twyford Down? If so you can help write a book about what happened. We want your memories, poems, music, stories, artwork and photographs. We are particularly short of photographs from 1992 before Yellow Wednesday.

Friends of Twyford Down

Solid Ground

Maya (from Heathens All) and Paul Gill (previously solo) have teamed up in a duo. Their songwriting is powerful, evocative and at times humorous, and they have two of the strongest and sweetest voices you will ever hear. Look out for them on the festival circuit this year.

Paul Gill's Tape(umm...that is of course the artist formerly known as Busker Paul!) will be available from the 10th of May. They are 6 each including p&p and can be ordered from Paul at: End Cottage, Wood Green Long Stratton, Norfolk.

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet claim to play Tantric Love Music, an evolutionary catalytic converter co-creating infusions of world groove, rooted deep in Heart Song; Mantric Funk; Shamanic Pop; Devotional Punk; Left-Field Acid Jazz; Eccentric English Folk and Skunk Rock. They made their debut on the Golden Moon Stage at the Big Green Gathering last year and got everyone singing along like Krishnas on Ecstasy. Don't miss 'em. They'll be releasing a studio album in December.

Seize the Day formed at Newbury Road Protest Camp in 1996. Their songs are on contemporary themes such as roadbuilding, genetic engineering and environmental protest. They will be performing their particular brand of bold beautiful frontline folk at events including Glastonbury Festival, the Big Green Gathering, Ely Folk Weekend and Blandford Festival. "They express sentiments others only feel about cruelty, environmental destruction and social injustice. And they do it with energy and humour." Ponterdawe Festival '97.

The Doris Dancers

Feisty Dinner Lady Mrs Mop is on a mission to find out about the food in her kitchen. Hypnotised and confused by big words and big business, she is determined to find out what is best for her children and for generations to come. You will encounter the mysterious worlds of genetic engineering and agro-industry, where strange vegetables come to life and Dr Clone conducts his haphazard experiments, with songs and dances along the way!

Will we find out the truth?

How can YOU help make Mrs Mop's Medicine?

Tour Dates 1998
(...just wear clothes made of natural materials, in earth colours with a thin layer of mud and a few strategically placed holes then complete the ensemble with a floppy hat, shouldn't be too difficult for most of you)

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