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"Just occasionally in a nation's history do names become so famous that they need no explanation; these are the names that symbolise a movement, an era, a great event --Kennedy; the Sixties; Thatcherism. There is no doubt that the name of 'Twyford Down' will join this select band. But these names, simply because they are so symbolic, can, and will, become the subject of myths and legends. That is not necessarily a bad thing, because a myth often captures the spirit of an event more than the mundane factual details. But having said that, it is, nevertheless, important that those of us who were involved with Twyford Down, do try to record accurately what happened at Twyford Down and to assess its importance in the wider scheme of things."

- from a letter to the Friends of Twyford Down, Oct 1996


Help Write the Story of Twyford Rising

The history of the Legal and Political campaign to try to save the great landscape feature of Twyford Down and its historical treasures has already been written. It is the story of dedication and perseverance by a very few individuals, who risked their homes and their livelihoods within a system in which they believed. Their story is a tragedy.


The history of the revolt on Twyford Down is a story of defiance and physical risk, of fire and ingenuity. It is a story of many people. They too failed in their aims. But their story remains a triumph of hope. The end of Twyford Down was only a beginning. This history has not yet been written.


Did you protest at Twyford Down?

If so, you can help to write a book about what happened.

Why bother?

The protests at Twyford Down inspired people across the world to fight the destruction of the planet. We must record our history before it is forgotten, or someone else writes it for us!

Do you have anything to contribute?

We want your memories, poems, music, stories, artwork and photographs. Personal memories of specific events are better than an analysis of what happened. We are especially short of photographs from 1992 before Yellow Wednesday. Please send copies of written material rather than your originals to the address below. If you would like material returned, please enclose an SAE.


Can you help us with the Pre-Publication Expenses?

We would greatly appreciate any donations to help pay for photocopying, computer consumables, audio tape and travelling to do interviews.


Friends of Twyford Down, P.O. Box 162, Winchester SO22 5ZD

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