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See also for more


Alex has Extracts battle of the Dongas on Tape Three.
and Roots on tape 3
see also Dongas


Alison has Bourée on Tape Three.
Alison + Jeff have Laridé archived

Altered Native

See Altered Native webpage: altered.htm


Amber has Gaea's Chant on Tape Two.



bill has Bill Posters by Paul Gill archived




Cameron is the singer /guitarist / songwriter of Altered Native

Paul Gill

Busker Paul has Whisper on the Breeze on Tape One.
Busker Paul and Hattie have Pixies Jinx on Tape Two.
Busker Paul has Wave me Goodbye on Tape Two.

Its got lots of free music on it at the moment.

Maya (from Heathens All) and Paul Gill (previously solo) have teamed up in a duo. Their songwriting is powerful, evocative and at times humorous, and they have two of the strongest and sweetest voices you will ever hear. Look out for them on the festival circuit this year.

Paul Gill's Tape(umm...that is of course the artist formerly known as Busker Paul!) will be available from the 10th of May. They are £6 each including p&p and can be ordered from Paul at: End Cottage, Wood Green Long Stratton, Norfolk.


Cellidh has Titche's Song on Tape One.
Impressions of Fairmile on Tape Two.
Ceilidh has Pen-y-fen on tape 3
Celidh has Hereafter the End (to be re-recorded) on tape 4

Chris Tuoth

Chris perhaps has Eternal Sunset on tape three ????????


Chrissy has Gaea's Chant on Tape Two.
see alsoSpace Goats
see alsoPolarkin


see also Space Goats
see alsoPolarkin


Daffyd has Chant on Tape 4.

Dave Goodman

see also Mandala Records

Dongas Tribe

Dongas has Resugga on tape 3
Dongas has Les Aiguilles on tape 4
Dongas has Magic Circles on tape 4
dongas has Farley Mount on tape 3
Dongas have Beltane archived
Dongas Tribe has From the Mother on Tape One.
more Dongas field recordings here (

Doris Dancers

Doris Dancers has Gondundon on Tape Two.
Doris Dancers has Horas de la Risipiti (trad) on Tape Two.

The Doris Dancers are a hilarious physical folk theatre company committed to exploring social and environmental issues. They are currently touring with "Mrs Mop's Medicine" - an environmental arts project raising awareness about healthy eating, organic growing and the hazards of genetic engineering and modern food production

see news webpage

Dragon Drummers

Tragik Roundabout and Dragon Drummers has Camel Herders on Tape One.


Earthlings has Altered States on tape 3
Earthlings has Fungusamongus on tape 4

Eco Trip




Elf: recently joined the TV family, plays Mirror Me on CD6, and also sings with Gaea, Rosie, Baraka and Matty on Come Away CD6. Also she is helping out with any computer stuff that needs doing, like making a CD cover.
contact Elf thru the egroup

The Family

The Family has Rise up with the Sun on tape 4


Fergus has Fool's hornpipe on tape 4


Feth has Eco War on Tape One.
Feth has Rant on Tape Two.
Feth has Who's that Girl on Tape Two.


Flora has High On a Hill on Tape Two.
Flora and Fraggle have Blackbird on Tape Two.

The Fox

The Fox has something archived


Fraggle has Zumir Atik (trad) on Tape One.
Fraggle and Sam have Old Woman on Tape One.
Flora and Fraggle have Blackbird on Tape Two.
Fraggle has Camel Waltz on tape three or four ????????





François has Raag on Tape Three.


Frazer has Seeds on tape 4
tv04seeds.rm 45k realaudio sound sample
Frazer has Talking Trees ( to be used for the Film ) archived

February 2002: Frazer has three cassette/CD albums, consisting of recordings from India since 1994, also recordings from Glastonbury from 1995, versatile onthe spot live jamming sessions captured on minidisk and various analogue machines over the years -

Its a Picture remastered by Dave Beech from Picture Records, my first album, totally salvaged material from analogue tapes.. recorded in India, Dorset, Glastonbury, Green Gathering, a great bunch of people, excellent musicians playing:
Sprog (Bass Guitar; Canadian Ed - acoustic lead guitar; Howard on Guitar; Ralph on djembe; Austrian on tabla; Israeli Yelli + Teg backing vocals; French Raphael harp; Indian Gnesh Baba singing Bajam; Michael from Coombe Farm on djembe; Dutch Daniella - penny whistle and indian flute; Jim Visible - Big D Whistle; SteviePea - Bazuki; German Sky - Bazuki; French Mark - Sitar; Martin - trumpet; Nick - Fiddle and orchestration of 'Flower Hill'

they've all been remastered as:

The Bigger Picture double album
[A] Together Alone - The Bigger Picture - Frazer and Friends - has just been remastered at Benedict Studios Nowhere Alone, or Together Alone - Indian Eastern flavour instrumental album
[B] Now Here All One is all songs also recorded India, Dorset, Green Gathering, Glastonbury -
some of my best songs that ive written are on this album
there's bagpipes, tabla, saz, concertina, panpipes, djembe, and great live sessions,

Errol from Turkey, Matia Swiss/Italian tabla, Ashoc Indian from Blangalore djembe, Sharigpawezrevez Udaipur India Hawaian Guitar; Gnesh Baba from Karnatika Sadu, singing bajan; Summerpan Swiss/German panpipes; Sharon Israeli derabuka; Jim concertina; Mike Liverpool - border pipes; Nick the Fiddle; Emily Viola; Sacred Cow from Bagsunag Mooing; Italian hippy on Krsna drum;
awaiting help to print the CDs...

The beauty of all this music that i've recorded over the years is that its been recorded in the true tribal voices style live and direct and ecofriendly- as it possibly can be, sorry about the petro chemical CDs and cases!

also producing a Quollobollox CD of poetry in 2002 entitled 'Only Forever' watch this space - our great bard Graeme Lewis Dongarusalem ISBN 0-902418-13-1 Illustrated by Matt Spacegoat

a record of excellent visionary bardic lyric - 3feb2002


Fréa has Why? on tape 4


Gaea has Changes in me on tape 3
Gaea has Walk the Earth on tape 3
Gaea has Goddess is One (written by Sarah) on tape 4
Gaea has (?) on tape 4
Gaea has Shaman Woman on Tape One.
Gaea has Peace Be on Tape Two.
Gaea, Chrissy and Amber have Gaea's Chant on Tape Two.

Dice George

george plays squeeky tinwhistle on CCTV and Strange Family and godsong

george is working with tim and others on this website

see also: Dice George ,   Light Show,   popstar ,   etc...


Hatty has Time on Tape One. ???????????? spelling hatty or hattie
Busker Paul and Hattie have Pixies Hat on Tape Two.


Heather has Wind on the Tor on Tape Two.

Heathens All

Heathens All have Earth Chant on Tape One.
Heathens All have We are One on Tape Two.

HeadMix Collective

HMC have Fairmile 5 on Tape Three.


Howie has Dogbury Didge on Tape Two.


Ian Donald has Plantation Gate archived ???


Inge and Matt have Song for Isun on Tape 3 (or was it 4?).
MP3's of music recorded with Matt under the name 'Ail Fionn' (1995-2005) can be found
Pictures of Isun (a donkey, sadly deceased) and information on the 1997 Irish TreeWalk Project are


Ingrid has Goddess is One (written by Sarah) on tape 4
Ingrid and Tegwyn have Blessed Be on Tape One.

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet claim to play Tantric Love Music, an evolutionary catalytic converter co-creating infusions of world groove, rooted deep in Heart Song; Mantric Funk; Shamanic Pop; Devotional Punk; LeftvField Acid Jazz; Eccentric English Folk and Skunk Rock. They made their debut on the Golden Moon Stage at the Big Green Gathering last year and got everyone singing along like Krishnas on Ecstasy. Don't miss 'em. They'll be releasing a studio album in December.

point your browser at the Invisible Website

see news webpage


Jeff + Alison have Laridé archived
Jeff + Phil has (?) on tape 3
Jeff has Bourée on tape 3
Jeff has lots of Breton tunes archived


Jenny has Winds of Creation on Tape Three.


Jim has Simple Song on tape 3
see alsoThe Invisible Opera Company of Tibet


Laura Sky and Jo have Big Strong Woman on Tape One.

John Pendragon

John Pendragon died on Easter Monday 1998.

Any writings, art etc by, about, or inspired by John please to:

John Pendragon Project
c/o Festival Eye
BCM 2002
London WC1N 3XX
or email

See John's webpage at Tribal Voices,

Johnny Harris

Johnny H. has (?) on tape 4
Johnny H. has Walking along Song archived


Jonno has Nature Boy (copyright problems ) archived

see also Heathens All and The Family


Josh has Children of this Tree on tape 3
Josh has Freedom Trail on tape 3
Josh has Tan Hill Fayre on tape 3
Josh has Song archived
Josh has The Walking Along Song on Tape One.


Juno has Live, Work, Consume, Die on Tape Two.

Just Jerry

Just Jerry has CJB on Tape One.
Just Jerry has Jesus was a Traveller on Tape Two.


Kate has Blue Green Spiral on tape 4


Kerry has Things keep changing on tape 3
Kerry has I'm Really Glad that I came here archived


(there are two Lauras, I'm not sure which is who)

Laura + Jenny has Winds Of Creation On tape 3
Laura Sky has Moon Magic (?) on tape 3 ????
Laura Sky has White Isle of Albion on tape 4
Laura has My Lagan Love (copyright problems ) archived
Laura has Searching Song on Tape Two.
and Goddess is One on tape 4

Lee Tree

Lee Tree has La Lune on Tape One.
Lee Tree has Rainbow on Tape One.
Lee Tree has Mother's Temple on Tape Two.
Lee Tree has Mr Major on Tape Two.
Lee Tree has Solsbury on Tape Two.

Little Green Men

Little Green Men has CCTV on tape 4
Little Green Men has Strange Family on tape 4
Jes of Little Green Men has a new website at
and see smiraltv.htm smiral Records, Little Green Men, Halo, Liquid Crowbar , Trashbeats etcetera at Tribal Voices


Liz has The Silkie (copyright problems ) archived


Mandala was formed by Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman in 1986, to promote experimental, psychedelic, ambient, sacred, tribal, dance and meditational music - working from the premise that "music can help save the world". Dave is the founder member of experimental ambient artists New Age Radio; with fellow band member Kathy, they also host a new age radio show that is broadcast daily in Japan.

Amongst those included in the Mandala catalogue are - Space Goats, New Age Radio, Universal Icon and Live from Venus. The growing interest in this genre of new music has enabled the label to increase its output on more formats over a wider network.

Mandala has also been instrumental in the staging of green, rainbow concerts powered by renewable energy, using wind, solar and bicycle. see you in the Gaiaosphere, in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival '98!!


Mandy has Kisses sweeter than wine (copyright problems ) archived


Mark has The Ballad of Sebastian and Oak on Tape Three.

Mark Brown


Maryjane has God Song on tape 4
see also The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet


Matt & Inge have Song for Isun on tape 3 (or was it 4?)

MP3's of music recorded with Inge under the name 'Ail Fionn' (1995-2005) can be found

Pictures of Isun (a donkey, sadly deceased) and information on the 1997 Irish TreeWalk Project are

Other stuff Matt has been involved in include The RetroPsychoKinesis Project, an investigation of Terence McKenna's TimewaveZero theory, publishing a reference book with Matt SpaceGoat, and most recently, attempting to unravel the mysteries of the prime number distribution.

Matt is currently based in Exeter, and is part of an improvisational collective called Children of the Drone. Since spring 2005, he's been documenting his various musical activities via his blog, The Spring. This acts as a portal for numerous 'open source' downloadable/streamable recordings he has made with Inge, Stef, Pok and various Donga types.

Matt Space Goat

Matt has One With the Family on Tape One.
see also Space Goats


Maya has The River on Tape Three.
see also Heathens All and The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet


Nicki has Eco Rap on Tape One.

Nigel Dickinson


Olivia has Sellar on tape 4


Om has om on tape 4


Panda, Tim + Gaea has (?) on tape 4


Paul has Devon Coombe archived

[see also: Busker Paul Gill ]


Phil + Jeff has (?) on tape 3
Phil + Jeff have Lots of Breton Tunes archived
Phil has Où été tu and a track (with Jeff)on Tape Three.


Pok is a Space Goat
See Pok's webpage (February 2000)


Clive and Chrissy are the Polarkin recording project - see webpage polarkin.htm


Posse has Bottom of the Punchbowl archived
Posse have Coolies Reel and Morning Dew on Tape Three.


Quollobollox has Real Progress in 2020 on Tape One.
Quollobollox has poems archived
- our great bard Graeme Lewis has had tthis book published:
Dongarusalem ISBN 0-902418-13-1 (Illustrated by Matt Spacegoat)

Ragged Edges

Ragged Edges have Hanter Dro (trad) on Tape One.
Ragged Edges has Laride (trad) on Tape Two.


Raven has Bird Prayer ( to be re archived


Richard + Ceilidh has Pen-y-fen on tape 3
Richard has Poems archived


Romila has Growing Pains on tape 3


Rose has Stand Firm on tape 4
Rose has Time to Shine on Tape One.


Rosie has Tribute to Dave and Ron Chivers on Tape One.
Rosie has Heal the Earth on Tape Two.

Ruth plays flute on CCTV and Strange Family .
For some years whe was a Space Goat .
photo .


Fraggle and Sam have Old Woman on Tape One.



Selena has Celebrate on Tape Two.
Selena has Rising Full Moon on Tape Two. Selena + Josh has Tan Hill Fayre on tape 3
Selena has Goddess of Land and Sea on tape 4


contact shane thru the egroup

Sieze The Day

Seize the Day Are Theo and Shannon
see news webpage

see Sieze the Day webpage here at TribalVoices SeizeTheDay


Shannon has Change In Me on Tape One. Shannon has I will never rest on tape 3 ???????

see also Seize the Day


Simon has Computer has No Future on Tape One.


sky= laura-sky???
Laura Sky and Jo have Big Strong Woman on Tape One.
Laura has Winds of Creation and White Isle of Albion on tape three

Space Goats

Space Goats have Dragons on Tape One.
Space Goats have Prophecy on Tape Two.
see also Space Goats Homepage


Stella has Bluebell Polka on Tape Two. Stella has Caged Bird on tape 4

see alsoSpace Goats


Stef has A Cunning Brew on Tape One.

Stephen Mcdeema MC

Stephen (Medeema MC) has Flushed into the Flow on Tape Two.

Steve Idge

Stevie P

Stevie has The Enchantment Song on Tape One.
Stevie P.(with Heathens small) has Song of the Rising Heart on tape 3
see alsoHeathens All



Tegwyn has Dance of Dreams on Tape One.
Ingrid and Tegwyn have Blessed Be on Tape One.
Tegwyn has For You on Tape Two.
Tegwin has Song for Elke archived
Tegwyn has She's Bright Tonight on tape 3


Theo & Shannon have I will never rest on tape 3


Tim has (?) on tape 4
Tim has The End of Words on tape 4
see Tim's homepage ????

Tragik Roundabout

Tragik Roundabout and Dragon Drummers have Camel Herders on Tape One.
Tragik Roundabout have Down the Road on Tape Two.


unknown has Living Song ( to be used for the Film ) archived


see vicki's out of date homepage


Viv has Wearyall Hill on tape 4
Viv has Dragon Hill Chant archived


Willow has Loom of 13 Moons on Tape One.
Willow has Goatman on Tape Two.
Willow has Poem on tape 4

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