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Tribadelica CD SG23 cover Space Goats are a collective of musicians working together to create a current and varied show.

Music ranges from songs and bardic tales played on traditional instruments, acoustic ambient trance, through to Pixie punk and electric folk with sharp lyrics.

Were ever you see Space Goats play, be it ancient sacred sites, community Green Fairs or major festivals and clubs, Space Goats varied set will keep you enchanted enthralled and dancing to those tribal rhythms all night long.


Ravelation Experience at The Heaven Club. May, 25th.[Thursday]

Kingston Green Fair - Small World Stage. May, 29th.

Glastonbury Festival Green Futures Field - Small World Stage. June 23rd - 25th.

The Big Green Gathering. July 26th to the 30th

More dates to be arranged!

Space Goats are planning a European tour from the end of September. Watch this space!


Space Goats went through an incredible transformation in 1999. With the new millennium just around the corner, spring brought with it major line up changes as some of the old GOAT herd moved on to other projects. Pok, Ruth, Clive and Hills kept the Space Ship afloat as we were catapulted into deep space and various festivals over the summer, and after an inspired meeting with Mr Fraser Clark from the Parallel University we landed at Warp2 in September. The Warp Experience! What a way to see out a millennium. The Warp gigs proved a great success with our own stage we grooved the night away with inspired 24-hour marathon music sessions. However, Pok a man of great innovation had other ideas for the herd, and over the winter connected with his old chums Gorge and Dave Grape to add bass guitar and kit drums to the shrunken space goat line up. What a revolution! Space Goats performed their first full electric gig at Exeter Art college in February 2000, with Zeg back on Basouki and Jim Invisible on keyboards, Space Goats discovered what they always secretly new, They love Rocking through Martial amplifiers! HELLO 2000!
[by ruth ]


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